WASEA is one of four regional associations represented by the National Student Employment Association (NSEA). Founded in 1978 by a group of student employment professionals, WASEA has since been an effective forum for addressing the critical issues and challenges facing student employment administrators in higher education.               

Objectives of the Association:

  • To promote the professional preparation, dedication, effectiveness, and recognition of student employment administrators in post-secondary education.
  • To facilitate the sharing of information and expertise among student employment administrators, educational institutions, employers and others concerned with student employment administration.
  • To assist educational institutions, employers of students, and others to develop and promote effective programs of part-time student employment.
  • To serve the interests and needs of students, educational institutions and employers by improving and coordinating student employment plans and programs
  • To inform members of trends in employment and professional development, including interpreting governmental guidelines related to financial aid, job placement, human resources, and student employment.
  • To provide an annual conference for WASEA members as an effective forum for professional development, information sharing, and problem solving related to student employment.
  • To promote and conduct research, cooperative studies, workshops, and other related activities as may be required to fulfill the purposes of this Association.

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